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Game Hates You Podcast #1 – Modern Warfare 3, Gears of War 3 & More

Here’s the first episode of our new podcast “Game Hates You!”

[See post to listen to audio]

What Culture‘s Jim Cross and co-host ‘handsome man’ Joe Richardson, drag topical video games into a living room in Kent, sit them down, ask them to explain themselves and give them a stern talking to (before slapping them on the arse on the way out).

This is regular video game discussion that leaves no stone unturned and pulls no punches.

In episode #1 (recorded 7/11/11) topics range from Germaine Greer in Gears of War 3, the infinitely talented(/less) Nolan North, Modern Warfare 3 kill streaks that should definitely be implemented and a complete inability to remember whether ‘Heavy Rain’ creator David Cage is guilty of selling out or not.

Warning: Explicit language and opinions that many fanboys may find offensive.

Have a listen and send your feedback to the twitter account below.

(Music by David Woolford)

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