2012 Sundance Predictions: Michael Mohan's Save the Date

#54. Save the Date - Michael Mohan Following in the footsteps of a Drake Doremus of going from ultra low budget indie to low budget indie, Michael Mohan parlayed his 2010 feature One Too Many Movies (read our interview with Mohan) with a 2011 filler and Sundance accepted short Ex-Sex with what we hope will be a Sundance preem for his latest, Save the Date. With a cast that includes Ali­son Brie, Lizzy Caplan, Mar­tin Starr, Geof­frey Arend and Mark Webber, this would be a perfect item for the Premieres category - let the pre-fest bidding begin. Gist: Free spir­ited Sarah and respon­si­ble Beth are two sis­ters with dif­fer­ent philoso­phies about love and rela­tion­ships; Sarah is happy with the sta­tus quo and doesn’t see any rea­son to marry her musi­cian boyfriend, Kevin, while Beth is obsessed with

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