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Horror stars gather for Spring Memorabilia Show at the NEC

Fans will get chance to meet stars of film, TV and sport - and try out the latest video games - at Birmingham's NEC on March 27 to 28 as the venue once more plays host to the Spring Memorabilia Show.

Among those attending are Gunnar Hansen, who plays the unforgettable Leatherface (pictured above) in 1974's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Richard Brooker, who plays killer Jason Vorhees in Friday 13th Part III.

Hollywood actor William Forsythe will be making his first UK appearance. He has appeared in movies such as Rob Zombie's 2005 crime thriller The Devil's Rejects about a sadistic family of serial killers, in which Forsythe played the Sheriff trying to bring them to justice (see picture below).

His other credits include the movies Once Upon A Time In America; Dick Tracy; and Steven Seagal's Out For Justice, as well as hit TV shows such as Hill Street Blues and The Untouchables.

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