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Laugh Lines: from Dad's Army to Hippies

Bruce Dessau's guide to TV comedy: Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews' underrated sitcom Hippies, starring Simon Pegg, could have been fathered by Dad's Army

• Laugh lines: from Garry Shandling to Miranda

In music there is the notorious Second Album Syndrome. In television there is the equally tricky Second Sitcom Syndrome – and in 1999 Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews' brutally underrated Hippies, which came after the pair's smash hit Father Ted, fell foul of it. (Strictly speaking of course, Hippies, set in 1969 and starring Simon Pegg, was in fact Linehan and Mathews' third sitcom. Before Father Ted they had written Paris, but the pair's first sitcom seens to have been almost written out of history.

Hippies wasn't quite the usual team effort. Although created by Linehan and Mathews, the latter had the main writing credit. When asked why they had chosen a sitcom set 30 years earlier, an interesting comparison was made: Dad's Army,

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