Bluray: 'Old Dogs' need to be put to sleep

Calling Old Dogs utterly unbearable may be the understatement of the year alongside "healthcare needs an overhaul." A family comedy by genre only, this John Travolta and Robin Williams vehicle is so maligned, mismanaged and other "M" words, that a point is reached in the movie where audiences are forced to ask, "Wait, is this a joke? Is Old Dogs really this godawful or is Walt Becker playing a huge yet fabulously hilarious prank on me?"

No. Director Walt Becker (Wild Hogs) is not playing a prank on you, unless you call wasting an hour and a half of your life on this poo trap a "prank."

Travolta and Williams are longtime buddies who head a sports PR firm. Travolta's Charlie likes to have good times while Williams' Dan is a pent-up fuddy-duddy. Both are exhausting. When Dan reunites with Vicki (Kelly Preston, Travolta's real-life wife), his one-night stand from almost a decade earlier,

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