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The great Christmas challenge: 12 hours of festive films

Movies24 is now scheduling back-to-back low-end Christmas films. What would happen when I went on a watching bender?

It's only November, but already film channel Movies 24 has transformed itself into Christmas 24. It now broadcasts nothing but Christmas films. Not classic Christmas films, either – these are all TV movies and Hallmark specials and straight-to-dvd anomalies.

It's enough to test even the most committed Christmas fan, so I set myself a challenge. Could I watch 12 straight hours of Christmas 24 without losing my mind? Here's a chronology of my travails.

9am-11am: Christmas Mail (2010)

A put-upon postman falls in love with a woman drafted in to answer all of Santa's letters. It sounds sweet, but in reality the woman can't get through a single line without giggling or staring vacantly into space, and the postman is the legal guardian of an annoying big-toothed orphan who likes to call spaghetti "missghetti". It's basically a big will-they-won't-they story.

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