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More Than Movies: A Conversation With Jonathan Sheldon

Film Independent Fellow Jonathan Sheldon

In the spirit of Griffin Mill’s question in The Player – “Can we talk about something other than Hollywood for a change?” – this interview is one in an occasional series in which Film Independent talks with filmmakers about their non-filmic creative pursuits. Making an independent film can take years, of course, and many filmmakers have creative energies that have to come out in other avenues. Sometimes those other creative pursuits supplant filmmaking altogether; at other times, they exist alongside the pursuit of filmmaking.

I recently talked with Film Independent Fellow Jonathan Sheldon about his work as a musician and his band American Bloomers, as well as about his work as a producer. A Film Independent Fellow, Jonathan is currently participating in Film Independent’s Producers Lab, with his project Televisionaries, the true story of Philo Farnsworth, a farmer’s son with a gift for science,

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