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Noboru Iguchi's "RoboGeisha" coming to UK DVD and Blu-ray

In a not-so-surprising move, UK label Cine-Asia will be releasing Noboru Iguchi's recent splatter comedy, RoboGeisha, on both R2 DVD and Blu-ray this summer.

Plot: Yoshie (Aya Kiguchi) lives a dark and neglected life at a geisha house, slaving away as an assistant to her older sister -- a beautiful geisha named Kikue (Hitomi Hasebe). One day, a wealthy client of Kikue's named Hikaru Kageno (Takumi Saitoh), heir to a powerful Iron manufacturing company, discovers that Yoshie is concealing her tremendous fighting ability. Soon, both Kikue and Yoshie are invited to Kageno headquarters, but find themselves kidnapped as part of a plot devised by Hikaru's father (Taro Shigaki) to transform geisha into deadly cyborg assassins.

Specs: Blu-ray region B (unconfirmed). Japanese audio with English subtitles. Features Tba.



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