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'Carlawood' Carla Collins interview: From The Soo to Tinseltown

Carla Collins is a powerhouse. The long-legged Canadian born blond bomber can get audiences rolling in the aisles; she.s funny and audacious. She.s been a weather caster, a news reporter, an actress, and writer but she is always authentically herself. Born in Sault Ste. Marie in northern Ontario, Canada, Collins is living a long cherished dream in Hollywood, starring in her own reality series called "Carlawood," making movies and doing her stand-up . and she married Hollywood royalty! Collins has just published her first book, a winning mix of comedy, inspiration, and observation called Angels, Vampires, and Douchebags. In the interest of full disclosure, I once worked with Carla and I promise you, she made us laugh

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