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Ricky Gervais Shoots Channel 4 TV Pilot For Derek Noakes Sitcom

Update: Gervais mentioned this very article on his blog yesterday and has noted some of the stuff I have wrote isn’t entirely accurate. I’ve since been emailed elsewhere that Stephen Merchant appeared on Something For The Weekend on Sunday and said that he was not involved with the new sitcom. So just like The Invention of Lying, this is Gervais without his right hand man.

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have shot a t.v. pilot for a new Channel 4 sitcom called Derek that will be based on the pre-Office Gervias sketch show character Derek Noakes. When initially conceived, Noakes was a middle-aged, mentally challenged man-child who lives with his Nan, is obsessed about collecting animals and has aspirations to become a stand-up comedian, despite not being particularly self-aware or funny.

As you can see from the over a decade old video of a Noakes sketch below,

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