Paddie O'Neil obituary

Versatile entertainer and Mrs Alfred Marks

The actor and singer Paddie O'Neil, who has died aged 83, was best known for many stage and screen appearances with her husband, Alfred Marks, but she was also a notable performer in her own right.

Her first film, Penny Points to Paradise (1951), also featured the big-screen debuts of Marks, Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan. Harry Secombe starred in the knockabout farce, which was released in the same month that he, Sellers and Milligan were first heard on BBC radio as the Goons. Like the others in this low-budget picture, which was shot in Brighton over three weeks, O'Neil had a background in variety and was able to recreate some of her act, including impersonations of Bette Davis and Gloria Swanson.

Already known as compere of the BBC radio series Navy Mixture, O'Neil had also starred with Marks in a television sketch show, Don't Look Now

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