New York Readers win tickets to special screening of I Am Singh

New York readers we have another fabulous opportunity for you! Opening this week is I Am Singh and we have tickets available for an early screening. Veteran Bollywood actor, filmmaker, and activist Puneet Issar tackles the controversial topic of discrimination and violence against innocent Sikh Americans in the post-9/11 world in the political thriller I Am Singh which opens in 50 theaters across North America on December 2. Examining human rights issues for Indians living in the U.S., the film also features new music from award-winning artists such as Daler Mehndi and Sukhwinder Singh.

Here’s a bit more about the story:

I Am Singh portrays the trials and tribulations of men whose stories were never highlighted. After the 9/11 tragedy in America, the Sikhs were targeted all over and were the victims of mistaken identity. The film highlights what happened to few such people and their fight against it, never losing

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