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June Whitfield: 'The main reason that I've worked for so long is because I'm no trouble'

As Ab Fab returns to our screens for a 20th anniversary special, June Whitfield talks about her six decades of work with the biggest names in the business

There's only one June Whitfield. This isn't a "broke-the-mould, don't-make-'em-like-her-any-more" platitude. It's more an expression of surprise. She is daintily small, elegant, and immediately recognisable, at 86, as all of the women she has been in seven decades of comedy.

In the 50s, at the birth of sitcom, Whitfield was the eternal fiancée Eth, coaxing her dozy Ron Glum towards the altar in radio's Take It From Here. In the 70s, she was the archetypal housewife in Terry and June, whose husband was a middle-aged schoolboy.

And since the 90s she has been Mother, the sweetly insane parent to Edina (Jennifer Saunders) in Absolutely Fabulous, with a tendency to kleptomania and a cruel innocence to her put-downs (Edina: "Inside of me, there's a

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