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Anchor Bay Looks Into "Alternate Realities"- April 6

"Alternate Realities" from Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada, is a new, classic science fiction film collection, to be released on several DVDs, beginning April 6.

In director Aaron Lipstadt's 1982 feature "Android", starring Klaus Kinski, Bree Howard and Norbert Weisser:

"...Somewhere on the outskirts of deep space, orbits 'Ulz-53', a forgotten research station manned only by intense scientist 'Dr. Daniel' (Kinski) and his lonely android assistant 'Max 404' (Don Keith Opper). When three escaped convicts-including a beautiful woman- arrive aboard, Dr. Daniel finds the missing element to his outlawed experiments while Max discovers his own forbidden urges. Can a turned-on robot turn off his human insticnts and still get down to earth?..."

In "Astro Boy Greatest Astro Adventures", directed by creator Osamu Tezuka :

"...In the first ever 'Astro Boy' series created in full color, brilliant robot engineer 'Doctor Boynton' loses his son 'Toby' in an accident. The dedicated.

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