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Game Hates You Podcast #6 – Vga Awards, Rayman: Origins, New XBox 360 Dashboard, Max Payne 3

The What Culture podcast ‘Game Hates You‘ is here again with more video game discussion that leaves no stone unturned and pulls no punches.

In episode #6 (recorded 12/12/11) Jim Cross and Joe Richardson talk the VGAs. Their awards, lack of finesse, but most importantly, the continuing tradition of exciting new trailers (follow the link below for all new Vga trailers).

Also this week a quick analysis of the new Xbox 360 dashboard and Rayman: Origins, this years great game you almost definitely missed. Interestingly enough this week also features incredible overuse of the word ‘indicative’, probably indicative of the lack of surprise regarding this years award winners (also below).

Here are some other videos discussed in this week’s cast:

Rainbow Six Patriots

Max Payne 3 Dev Diary

Hitman: Absolution Fmv


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