Episode Recap: CSI: Miami - 9.21: "G.O."

A man tries to hit on women in a bar and meets a waitress who tells him she'll get him a drink and turns to bump into a big man. He blames her and a fight ensues with Neil, (Josh Malina) who is an accountant. She sends him to the bathroom to clean up. Later Neil is found in one of the toilets with a Db and blood practically everywhere. By the time Horatio (David Caruso) and the team arrive, both Neil and the Db have disappeared. Leading Tripp (Rex Linn) to comment, "Either someone's lying or this guy's Houdini." All Horatio can say is "He'd have to be?" The waitress, Olivia (Moran Atias) tells Natalia (Eva La Rue) Neil was meeting his brother but he didn't show up. Anyone could see it was a set up from the start and that's what I said when watching it from the outset,

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