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'Emmerdale' Adam has big things ahead, says Adam Thomas

Emmerdale star Adam Thomas has revealed that there are bigger storylines on the way for his character Adam Barton in the New Year. The actor, who has been playing the role since 2009, said that he is looking forward to being challenged by the material ahead. Adam's main plotline in 2011 saw him cheat on girlfriend Mia Macey (Sapphire Elia) with her mother Ella (Corrinne Wicks), sparking fury from Home Farm businessman Declan (Jason Merrells). Asked whether Adam has any more romance ahead, Thomas told Take It Easy: "Not at the moment, no. I think he's had his fair share, to be honest. His main priority is looking after his family and helping his dad out on the farm. "After his affair with Ella, I think he's grown up a bit (more)

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