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Game Hates You Podcast #7 – ‘Story and Character’ Part 1 of the 2011 Retrospective

The What Culture podcast ‘Game Hates You‘ lands once again for another week.

In episode #7 (recorded 18/12/11) the whole Ghy crew Jim Cross, Joe Richardson and Josh Gimblett band together for the first part of the 2011 video game retrospective.

In this lengthy first instalment the highs and lows of 2011′s ‘Stories and Characters‘ are debated. A plethora of accolades are dished out from ‘best new intellectual property’, ’2011′s best protagonist’, ‘the years funniest game’, ‘the most memorable moment in games this year’ and many more.

Episode #8 will land in the new year dolling out the ‘Production Awards‘, listing acknowledgements for 2011′s shiniest, prettiest and best produced games. So watch this space.

Warning: Explicit language and opinions that many fanboys may find offensive.

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(Music by David Woolford)

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