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Doctor Who complete reviews: A Good Man Goes to War

You know that scene in The Wrath Of Khan – yes, you probably know the one I mean. The scene in which Kirk bellows an impotent “Khaaaaaaaan!!!!” at the top of his lungs to the frightwigged old goat, who's been cruelly tormenting his bewigged adversary with the threat of being “Buried alive. Buried alive”. Don't you just feel like doing that some days whenever someone's making your day hell? You could yell “Caaaaammm!!!” at chubby chops posh boy Prime Minister for reducing your job prospects and financial status to the level of zero. You could yell “!!!” at the TV whenever that wretched advert comes on TV, starring a cartoon of what looks like a psycho axe murderer who, along with her tone-deaf buddies can't sing for toffee. And now having sat through the two-part A Good Man Goes To War/Let's Kill Hitler, I'm left shouting “Mooooofffff!!!” at the air like an idiot.

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