Mary McCormack and Fred Weller on In Plain Sight Episode 3.02 When Mary Met Marshall

The series regulars discuss the third season of their hit USA show as it kicks into high gear

USA's hit drama In Plain Sight recently kicked off its third season, with Episode 3.02: "When Mary Met Marshall" premiering tonight at 10/9 pm central. Allison Janney guest stars on this particular episode, which finds a break-in threatening the security of the first witnesses that Mary and Marshall protected as a team. We recently caught up with Mary McCormack and Fred Weller to discuss the show as well as the future of the series. Here's what they had to say:

I read a little bit about the new season having a lot less focus on the side characters, Mary specifically with your mom. I was wondering if you feel that is a good direction to go into, or do you think fans will miss the relationship?

Mary McCormack: I don't know how

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