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Review: Henry Lee Lucas: Serial Killer

Henry Lee Lucas: Serial Killer

Stars: Antonio Sabato Jr., Kostas Sommer, John Diehl | Written and directed by Michael Feifer

The story of one of America’s most prolific serial killers, Henry Lee Lucas: Serial Killer tells the tale of Henry (Sabato Jr.), who, surrounded by violence he whole life, consequently embarks on a killing spree across the the south of the Us. When the law finally catches up with him, Henry comes up with a diabolical solution, and confesses to thousands of murders all over the country. Unable to sort the lies from the truth, the legal system threatens to set him free…

Henry Lee Lucas: Serial Killer comes from director Michael Feifer who was previously responsible for another serial killer movie, B.T.K Bundy. Like that film, Henry Lee Lucas is marketed as a film that aims to set the historical record straight, puporting to show the real

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