AfterElton Briefs: Republican Superheroes, "Arachnoquake," And This Calendar's Days May Be Numbered

Birthday Shoutouts! Wilson Cruz (above) is 38, the faboo Karla Bonoff is 59 (Karla wrote songs for the likes of Linda Ronstadt and Bonnie Raitt, and had her own 80's classic with "Personally", which is #25 on the Official Snicks Top 100 Of The 80's), and Missing Persons co-founder Terry Bozio is 61. Lady Gaga has listed Terry's ex-wife Dale as an influence. Um, yeah ... I can see it.

Just a reminder that we will be on a limited schedule this week. Ed will have a Meme in the morning, and I'll have Briefs at night, and we may have a couple of posts during the day.Oscar ballots are in the mail! I know it's a longshot, but I'm hoping Meryl gets a nomination. That performance has been completely overlooked.Huffington Post has picked their Best Gay Viral Videos Of The Year. I'm pretty sure we covered them all, except that Tim Tebow vid,

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