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Comic Book Release List – Week of 1-4-2012

The following is a list of all comic books, graphic novels and special items that will be available this week and shipped to comic book stores who have placed orders for them.

215 Ink

Fall Gn (not verified by Diamond), $7.99

Price (One Shot), $3.99

Abstract Studios

Rachel Rising #4, $3.99

AC Comics

Crypt Of Horror Volume 13 Tp (not verified by Diamond), $29.95

Adventure House

Lone Ranger Magazine November 1937 Replica Edition, $14.95

Antarctic Press

Gold Digger #134, $3.99

Gold Digger Holidays Special #1, $3.50

Archaia Entertainment

Cyclops #8, $3.95

Black Fire Hc, $24.95

Billy Fog Volume 1 The Gift Of Trouble Sight Hc, $24.95

Dare Detectives The Snow Pea Plot Hc (Collected Edition), $24.95

Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Volume 1 Creation Myths Hc (not verified by Diamond), $19.95

Archie Comics

Betty & Veronica Double Digest #197, $3.99

Life With Archie #16, $3.99

Ardden Entertainment

Atlas Unified #1 (Cover A Jimbo Salgado ‘Grim Ghost’), $2.99

Atlas Unified #1 (Cover B Jimbo Salgado ‘Phoenix’), $2.99

Atlas Unified #1 (Cover C Jimbo Salgado ‘Wulf’), $2.99

Atlas Unified #1 (Cover D Jimbo Salgado

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