Cinema is terraforming, but Hollywood is still champ

2011's highest-grossing films were global hits, but Hollywood's franchise machine still moves faster and harder than anyone

2011's international box-office chart was predictably topped by the grand starburst when a boy wizard became a man. But a boy reporter, 14 places further down a list completely dominated by Hollywood, had the keenest eye for the nature of the forces now terraforming mainstream cinema, and in the years to come. Steven Spielberg's version of Tintin is only just getting a shot at Us hearts, but it's still striking how much of its business it has done overseas: more than 80%. As others have already noted, this seems to be one of the first blockbusters engineered to appeal to the rest of the world first and the Us second.

Even if they weren't as bold about it, most of the top 10 international films (ie all markets except the Us) knew which way the wind was blowing.

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