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Exclusive: Adam Kassen Talks Puncture

Exclusive: Adam Kassen Talks Puncture

Co-director Adam Kassen discusses Puncture, working with Chris Evans, and the effect his movie has had on the medical community.

Brothers Adam Kassen and Mark Kassen cut their teeth in Hollywood by producing TV shows such as Wife Swap, indies such as The Sasquatch Gang, and even acting a bit as well. They both make their feature directorial debut with Puncture, which hits the shelves on Blu-ray and DVD January 3. This drama, which is based on a true story, centers Mike Weiss (Chris Evans), a small-time lawyer with a big-time drug addiction, who gets in over his head while trying the biggest case of his career against a medical supply company. I recently had the chance to speak with director Adam Kassen over the phone, and here's what he had to say.

I remember reading one of the posters, and there was a quote that said Puncture was reminiscent of Erin Brockovich and The Insider.

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