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Festival Info and Fun New Trailer for A Little Bit Zombie

Thus far we've totally dug on everything we've seen coming out of the camp of Casey Walker's A Little Bit Zombie, but this latest trailer has us sold hook, line, and stinker! I know, bad pun; but damn, if you ever smelled a corpse up close, you'd be laughing. Then retching. Then hoping nobody noticed it was you who made such a mess.

From the Press Release

The Victoria Film Festival has selected the romantic zombie comedy A Little Bit Zombie by first-time feature film director Casey Walker as the Canadian Gala taking place on February 4th at the Odeon Theatre in beautiful downtown Victoria, British Columbia.

“We were pretty shocked that our little zombie movie was selected to be the Gala. It was while living on Vancouver Island in the 90s that I decided to go to film school so it’s kinda awesome to be going back

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