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Simone Lueck's best shot

'I placed an ad: "Seeking striking older woman to pose as glamorous movie star." I got around 150 responses'

There is an old Hollywood that still exists in Los Angeles, and I was interested in tracking down what remains of it. I wondered if there were women who had wanted to reach a level of stardom, but never did. So I placed an ad on Craigslist saying: "Seeking striking older woman to pose as a glamorous movie star for photo series." There were up to 150 responses, and I ended up shooting about 25 women.

I wanted the photographs to be a collaboration with the models, so I needed people who really connected with the idea of glamour. And they had to have a look: I didn't want to photograph someone who needed me to come up with ideas: it was about facilitating their fantasies.

Mara, the woman in this picture, told me

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