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Deviation Puts Amber on the Run from a Crazed Psychopath: Release Details

Deviation is the latest thriller is be released by the United Kingdom division of Revolver Entertainment. In the story, a woman is carjacked by "a dangerous psychopath." The crazed is Frankie, played by Danny Dyer. From the film's Blog, this is a film of "fight or flight" and that flight will be a marathon as Amber (Anna Walton) tries to survive the next 24 hours. This title will release in UK theatres February 24th followed by a home entertainment release February 27th. Cast and crew details are below.

Release Date: February 24th (Theattical, February 27th (DVD, Blu-Ray).

Director/writer: J.K. Amalou.

Cast: Danny Dyer, Anna Walton, James Doherty, David Fynn, Alan McKenna, Roy Smiles, Ben Wigzell, Elijah Baker, and Miles Hobson.

*a trailer to come soon.

**the above poster is not final.

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