The Filipino Prisoners' 'Thriller' Comes Back To Life

The Filipino Prisoners' 'Thriller' Comes Back To Life

Almost five years ago, the world fell in love with a completely unexpected phenomenon -- Filipino dancers performing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" as part of their rehabilitation therapy. And now, like every great trend, it's returned -- but this time, there's lyrics, there's choreography and there's the potential for much, much more.

"Prison Dancer", launching in March 2012, is a web series that takes its inspiration from those very same prisoners that racked up almost 50 million views on YouTube. Created by Toronto-based director and writer Romeo Candido, along with his partner Carmen De Jesus and producer Ana Serrano, "Prison Dancer" will be a 12-part web series, with the long-term plan landing it on the stage for a live performance. But first, they have to build up the love.

"We want it to be interactive -- we want audiences to really understand the songs, and the characters," explains Serrano. "All episodes will

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