Gorgeous Pa flick White Wall is back with a new trailer!

When we posted the first stills and then the teaser for the great looking Pa flick White Wall, we were very excited to see what James Boss' film had to offer. It sounded great, looked fantastic and basically looked like it would leave us begging for more. But that was two years ago. It's not really clear what happened to the film but it seemed to disappear. Until now.

Yes, it's back and we may actually get to see it this time. In case you need a refresher (you might, it's been a while) take a peek:

A virus has decimated humanity and left the world in squalor and full of violence. Shawn Kors world is confined to a large white wall and he looks for a way out and a cure to the virus, Vxii, until he gets close to the truth.

Reason for excitement? Yup. The new

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