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Films out this week

Cemetery Junction (15)

(Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, 2006, Us) Christian Cook, Jack Doolan, Tom Hughes, Felicity Jones. 95 mins

Those averse to Ricky Gervais's "white-man overbite" will see surprisingly little of it in his second co-directed movie. Set in suburban 70s Reading, this rites-of-passage drama stars newcomers Cook, Doolan and Hughes as three mates growing apart on the threshold of adulthood. The ending may be formulaic, but Gervais and Merchant carve a neat middle path between comedy and pathos to get there.

The Ghost (15)

(Roman Polanski, 2010, Fr/Ger/UK) Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor. 128 mins

While he remains in chokey, Polanki's latest release is an old-school political thriller, starring Brosnan as a slick ex-pm with guilty secrets and McGregor as the hack hired to launder them.

Beeswax (Nc)

(Andrew Bujalski, 2009, Us) Tilly Hatcher, Maggie Hatcher. 100 mins

Mundane mumblecore about the travails of twins.

The Heavy (18)

(Marcus Warren, 2010, UK) Gary Stretch, Vinnie Jones. 102 mins

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