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Both Neighbor and Shellter at the Cinema Slaughter Horror Film Festival

The Cinema Slaughter Horror Film Festival will begin Friday, April 23rd and run until May 7th. Two films will show, which include Neighbor and Shellter. Shellter involves an underground medical facility and the living dead. The film sees a world infected with a virus where "the only way of curing the infection is by surgically removing the affected area" (Shellter). On the other side of the coin, Neighbor is about an anonymous girl who goes door to door "torturing and slaughtering anyone" who gets in her way (Neighbor). Trailer locations for both films are below and this event will be held in West Hollywood, with location details inside.


Release Date: April 23rd (Limited Release).

Director/writer: Robert A. Masciantonio.

Cast: America Olivo, Christian Campbell, Mink Stole, Lauren Rooney, Pete Postiglione, Joe Aniska, Sarah McCarron, Amy Rutledge, Giovanna Galdi, Tracy Toth, Meredith Orlow, and Stink Fisher.

Official site for Neighbor

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