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Experience The Rite of Exorcism in this New Trailer

Possession continues to be a hot button issue in both the media and the general public. As The Devil Inside proved recently, Big Red still brings in big box office. You know what that means, right? Another flick dealing with demons! Hooray!

TomCat Films has acquired the international distribution rights to the docudrama The Rite of Exorcism: Myths, Mystery & Hope, which is being touted as "telling the true story of the Catholic Church’s most mysterious, yet misunderstood ritual."

The film is directed by Frank Di Bugnara, Jr., and stars Fr. Gary Thomas, Fr. Gabriel Amorth, and Matt Baglio. Look for more as it comes. Dig on a poster, the plot crunch, and a trailer below.


The docudrama cuts through all the Hollywood hype about demonic

possession, the devil, and the rite of exorcism and tells the true story about the ancient rite. Exorcists routinely witness many types of

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