The Perfect Breed Take on the Civil War in this Synopsis

The Perfect Breed is a Scott Hansen production that is already showing some teeth in this first exclusive still, as seen left. The film recently completed with Jessica Hutson (Border Town), Ethan Marten (Revolver), and Brandon Cordon (Wicked Attraction) starring. The film takes a "clan of vampires" and places them in the "Civil War" (The Perfect). Events get even more war-like when a half breed witch comes into their lives. A trailer for this feature is coming shortly, but for now all the casting details, with a release date, are available below.

The synopsis for The Perfect Breed here:

"The film tells the story about a clan of vampires struggling for survival of their race, set against the back drop of the Civil War. Their lives are turned upside down when they take in a half breed human-witch and everything changes, forever" (The Perfect).

Release Date: 2010.

Director: Scott Hansen.

Writer: Scott Hansen and Cyril Augustin.

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