‘Présumé Coupable’ is frustratingly good

Présumé Coupable (English title: Guilty)

Directed by Vincent Garenq

Screenplay by Vincent Garenq and Serge Frydman

France. 2011

There are few things which can grip a nation’s passions quite like a striking, controversial and prolonged court case. In some instances, the nature of the crime is what shocks, as in the Canadian case involving B.C. Pig farmer Robert Pickton, who for years preyed on hookers are drug users in Vancouver. Other examples stun for their conclusion, like with the infamous O.J. Simpson trial in the United States. Then come the trials for which both the nature of the crimes and conclusions are overshadowed by the actual process of conviction, a perfect example being the Outreau case in France, which director Vincent Garenq explores in its entirety in Présumé coupable.

It is the middle of the night when the Marécaux residence is abruptly disturbed from its slumber. An alarming number

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