Fright Rags releases The Woman, Frozen, Zombie Wars

Fright Rags has been teasing new designs for the last few weeks, but they have just been released and we have all the details:

The Woman Limited Edition – Only 200 Printed!

We’ve teamed up with Modernciné for an exclusive limited edition shirt of their newest film “The Woman”,

written and directed by Lucky McKee and starring Angelea Bettis. To capture the harsh brutality of the film, we tapped Australian artist Joe Whyte, who brought a sense of foreboding and misery to the design.


Since it’s the dead of winter, we thought it would be a perfect time to unveil our design

from Adam Green’s chilling film “Frozen”. This image drips with mood and will make you

think twice about taking that last run of the night…

Zombie Wars

Before there was The Living Dead Strikes Back, there was Zombie Wars! That’s right, we’ve teamed up

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