Nice Shorts, Gemma Arterton. Er, Tamara Drewe.

So, Gemma Arterton is in a new movie called “Tamara Drewe”, which is based on a comic book by Posy Simmonds. Wait, you don’t know who Gemma Arterton is? If the name doesn’t sound familiar, you probably know her as “that really cute British chick in all those big-budget Hollywood movies doing roles that used to go to Kate Beckinsale”. Anyways, her new movie is “Tamara Drewe”, and let’s face it, most of you won’t even waste your time with it. But, um, the filmmakers have put up the first image from the movie via Facebook, and it features Gemma in shorts. I’m intrigued. A young newspaper writer returns to her hometown in the English countryside, where her childhood home is being prepped for sale. Starring Gemma Arterton, Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper , Tamsin Greig, Roger Allam, Bill Camp, Zahra Ahmadi, Jessica Barden , Josie Taylor, Joel Fry,

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