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On The Trail Of A Movie Nerd's 'Holy Grail'

On The Trail Of A Movie Nerd's 'Holy Grail'

Yesterday our friends at Oh Have You Seen This (we're using "friends" here in the Facebook sense) posted a video we couldn't get out of our heads. It's a clip from a movie called "The Secret Of Magic Island," and it seems to star nothing but domesticated animals. The featured cast -- a dog and a handful of geese, ducks and chickens -- aren't simply performing in stylized animalish ways, like your Beethovens or Shaggy Dogs. No -- they're enacting a complex, very human scene: a visit to the fancy photographer's.

Two questions surfaced in the office: how did the filmmakers get the animals to do this? And also, what in the hell is this? We decided to Google for answers.

In the movies, the Internet is a reliable, accurate resource on any matter of subjects, real or invented. Bella Swan was able to brush up on vampires, werewolves, and

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