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Who Will Be WWE Royal Rumble Surprise Entrants?

The 2012 edition of the WWE Royal Rumble is but just a few hours away and everyone across the web is playing the guessing game for who the surprise entrants this year will be. On this occasion the WWE have decided not to reveal the majority of the entrants before the Rumble (we only know about 10 names for sure at this point) and with reports about a week ago claiming WWE officials had polled people backstage to see who they would most like to see cameo at the Rumble, we could most certainly be in for one or two surprises tonight.

At this stage the most expected surprise entrant is said to be WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the winner of the very first Royal Rumble back in 1988. Hacksaw cancelled an Indie booking tonight for undisclosed reasons and has a wrestling book coming out later this year which he is keen to promote.

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