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Words Like Knives Short Film Explores Everyday Horrors

Plenty of films deal with serial killers, alien invasions and marauding monsters - all fun stuff and great fodder for horror. The upcoming short Words Like Knives takes a more psychological approach, working in topics like bullying and mental cruelty. These are things that many individuals deal with on a daily basis, and they make great subjects for a horror film.

Words Like Knives was written by and stars Kelsey Zukowski and directed by Travis Legge. It costars Jeff Scaduto, Valerie Meachum, Myke Wilson, Melissa Revels, and Aley Kreinz.

Shooting is scheduled for April, 2012 in Rockford, Illinois, and you can follow its progress on the Words Like Knives Facebook page and the Words Like Knives Twitter feed (@RumorsCanKill).

From the Press Release

Travis Legge and Kelsey Zukowski first worked together in March of 2011 on a Grindhouse trailer entitled Monster Mash, which also starred Melissa Revels and Kitsie Duncan. Legge was

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