Rampart, the Lapd and Hollywood

Woody Harrelson's outing as a dirty cop joins a long tradition of films, novels and TV drawing on the violent history of Los Angeles' police force

In the scorching drama Rampart, Woody Harrelson takes to his role as Dave Brown, dirty Lapd cop, like a starving man to a groaning banquet table. Co-written by director Oren Moverman and James Ellroy, Rampart, named after the infamous division that imploded under allegations of massive corruption, is set in 1999, the year that scandal unfolded. Brown is more "bent for the job" than "bent for himself", but his excesses make front-page news after he's filmed brutally beating a suspect, Rodney King-style.

The movie chronicles the personal apocalypse of a man whose lucky streak is running out, who chugs scotch in his squad car; maintains dual households with two ex-wives (Cynthia Nixon and Anne Heche), sisters by whom he has a kid apiece

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