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[TV] X-Men: Volume 5

Admittedly, I have an unjustifiable level of love for this cartoon. It wasn’t the best of its time, nor did it always make sense the way the episodes were arranged with no respect to an overarching timeline, but it was fun. It has sappy one-liners from Wolverine and Gambit; it cements Cyclops as the dickish leader; and it lets many of the great villains from the X-Men universe get a moment in the spotlight. Sure, it was inferior to Bruce Timm’s spectacular Batman: The Animated Series, but what cartoon of that era wasn’t? Despite its chronological shortcomings, the series as a whole maintained a superb visual aesthetic, great characterization, and interesting plots – at least until the end of the season. Just like Batman, which changed its name to The Adventures of Batman & Robin and altered its awesome opening sequence, some studio exec decided the X-Men series needed

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