Have you been watching … Whitechapel?

Can you leave your brain on standby for the third series of ITV1's stupidly enjoyable neo-Victorian crime fest or are you appalled by the gaping plot holes?

"What if we could use the past as a map to guide us through difficult investigations?" mused Di Chandler over a quiet pint with DS Miles in The Dog and Exposition. "I'm not talking about copycats. I'm talking about knowing the history of crime – pause, close-up of raised eyebrows – and using it to our advantage!"

It was a fitting opening for the third series of Whitechapel – the primetime penny dreadful that views London as a sort of neo-Victorian dismemberment theme park in which stupefied dibbles stagger through a succession of investigational peasoupers with the grace of pantomime cows.

The first series of Whitechapel was about a man in a cape re-enacting the murders of Jack the Ripper. The second featured a plot

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