New on DVD and Blu-Ray, February 21: 'Puss in Boots,' 'Tower Heist,' 'J. Edgar'

DVD or Blu-ray? Redbox or Netflix? Streaming? Whatever your poison, we've got the highlights and lowlights on the week's new releases -- as well a double-shot of exclusive Clint Eastwood clips from the new release "J. Edgar" and the 20th anniversary Blu-ray of "Unforgiven." Moviefone's Pick of the Week "Puss in Boots"(Friday, February 24) What's It About? Antonio Banderas' fan-favorite feline from the "Shrek' series gets his own movie. With Humpty Dumpty and the mysterious Kitty Softpaws at his side, the swashbuckling cat attempts to steal golden goose eggs from a giant's castle, and creates a whole new set of fractured fairy tale adventures. See It Because: Even if the "Shrek" series has worn thin, "Puss" has enough lively charm to feel like something new; the voice cast plays their parts with a lot of loose, madcap energy and the animation is wonderfully imaginative. Also Available On Redbox

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