Kevin Kline, Mike Myers: Oscar Video

Mike Myers, Kevin Kline In the Funny or Die-produced video (please scroll down for a snippet) for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Kevin Kline takes lessons from Mike Myers on how to hold and handle Oscar statuette. At the 1989 Academy Awards ceremony, Sean Connery handed Kline the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance (as one of the leads, really) in Charles Crichton's comedy A Fish Called Wanda. Kline plays himself in the video: an Oscar winner who needs a "refresher course" on how to take proper care of his statuette. Myers plays the (nearly) bald Sir Cecil Worthington, whose British accent comes and goes depending on the word or his intonation. Despite appearances to the contrary, in the above picture Myers is not about to eat the Oscar statuette. In eight decades or so, this Kline-Myers video will be as enjoyable as, say, Jackie Cooper's

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