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Episode Recap: Supernatural - 6.16: "And Then There Were None"

A man at a petrol station gives a woman a ride, who turns out to be the mother of all. Eve kisses him and he gives her a sermon on how Jesus loves them. The apocalypse came and went and he didn't even notice. A mother wouldn't abandon a child and she's a mother. She whispers in his ear and Rick (Brent Stait) goes home where he kills his wife (Kimberly Unger). Bobby (Jim Beaver) tells the others how hunters are finding vampires, ghouls, werewolves, on the I-80. Dean (Jensen Ackles) refers to it as the monster march. They speak to Rick in jail and Bobby tags along too, all having to don suits. Sam (Jared Padalecki) views footage and they see Eve (Julia Maxwell). Dean: "freakish nightmare what the hell was that?" Dean refers to Eve as Big Momma. Bobby thinks they're over their heads. Another man goes mad at the cannery.

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