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Catch-up TV Guide: From Mobile Suit Gundam to Lucian Freud: Painted Life

TV: Mobile Suit Gundam

Streaming on YouTube's TV channel you'll find four series of Japanese space saga Gundam. It's a classic of the "plucky young chap learns to pilot a giant robot from inside a cockpit in its head" genre. 1979's Mobile Suit Gundam was the first, with the Principality of Zeon launching a war of independence against the Earth Federation – starting a massive franchise that's still going today.

On line

TV: Being Human

The first three episodes of series four are online if you want to say your goodbyes to Russell Tovey and see how the housemates deal with parenthood. Episode 1 is available until 1 April.

BBC iPlayer

TV: The Good Wife

The brilliant Parker Posey pops up as the ex-wife of Eli (Alan Cumming) to throw a cattery into the pigeon coop of this Julianna Margulies legal vehicle.


TV: The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff

Sporadically inspired Dickensian comedy larks with Robert Webb,

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