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Samurai Warrior: Review

Director: Kenichiro Nishiumi. Review: Adam Wing. It’s that time of the month again. Don’t panic though; Seiji Chiba has nothing to do with this latest samurai offering, though perhaps on the surface, you’ll be forgiven for thinking he has. It’s the latest in a long line of action movies released by Mvm, known for mercilessly short running times and occasional moments of grandeur. Thankfully though, Samurai Warrior has a little more to offer than cave dwellings, tiresome exposition and low production values. Samurai Warrior is a coming of age drama, a love story and an action movie rolled into one – though that might be stretching it a little. It’s the latest release from maverick director Kenichiro Nishiumi - who has worked alongside the legend that is Takashi Miike - starring Yuma Ishigaki (13 Assassins) & Suzunosuke (Suicide Club). Three friends masquerade as Samurai warriors and hold the

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