Meet the 2012 SXSW Filmmakers #3: Avi Zev Weider, 'Welcome to the Machine'

Avi Weider started making movies in high school, thrilled to "while away the hours editing Super-8 silent shorts" in a film production class at Brooklyn College that he talked himself into for English class credit. In college he studied Film theory, history and criticism but has to teach himself the 'making' part of film. After more Super-8 "epics followed," he got out of school and started working on features in the editing room. His 1998 short "I Remember" debuted at Sundance, while at the same time he began supporting himself with computer programming for corporate clients. Then, he opened Loop Filmworks, where he produced commercials and promos for cable and broadcast TV, while helping produce some feature documentaries and writing screenplays. In 2006 the focus shifted back to filmmaking, resulting in his Sundance Lab and Sloan Foundation supported projects, "Zeroes and Ones" and SXSW-debuting "Welcome to the...

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