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Mr Tumble: 'Why be on kids' TV? I just love it!'

Justin Fletcher is already the clown prince of British children's television. Now, writes Nick McGrath, he wants to conquer the world with a big-screen debut

'You can't fool children," says the nation's favourite kids' entertainer and its finest exponent of the three Cs of children's broadcasting: "My very first commissioning editor at the BBC, Ian Lockland, taught me that it's all about clarity, contact and commitment. It's not always easy for a single person to look through a lens in a studio and engage with a child at home but I just really enjoy what I do and I hope that comes across in my performance. I genuinely love it."

In the space of an hour, Justin Fletcher, 41, whose colourful roll call of characters includes Anna Conda, Arthur Sleep, Gail Force and, of course, the inimitable Mr Tumble, uses the phrase, "I love it," more than the average four-year-old whines,

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